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Which of the following statements are supported by the data? Indicate all that apply


The tablet that contains the most iron contains the least zinc.

The tablet with the most total iron, calcium, and zinc combined is Orezetal.

The tablet with the most calcium has less iron and less zinc than both of the other tablets.

By taking three of each tablet, a person will consume between 140 and 250 mg of all three elements.

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A person wants to consume at least 120 mg but no more than 150 mg of each of the three elements. Which combination of tablets, considered individually, satisfy this requirement? Indicate all that apply.


Two of Tyneine and two of Orezetal

Six of Horofol

Three of Horofol and three of Orezetal

One of Tyneine, four of Horofol, and one of Orezetal

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