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Frequently asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our subscriptions

You can get started by signing up and creating an assessment. The platform is developed to be instantly usable. Creating an assessment in Merreo is a simple process. You have to select the tests that you think are the most suitable for your particular job opening. Then you can add questions to the custom section. Then you have to finalize and deploy the test by sharing the link. As simple as that...

You can try the demos and even if you still have any queries, you can contact us at hello@merreo.com (or) over the phone at 9710839633.

Merreo tests are developed by Academicians, Experts, and GRE, GMAT 99+ percentilers and are constantly under algorithmic scrutiny. We have an in-built quality control system that constantly checks each question for the alpha factor and removes the questions that do not make the cut. So you can be sure that the questions in Merreo Tests are of the highest quality

As of now, Merreo doesn’t have programming tests. However, you can use our custom section to assess the programming knowledge of candidates.

But the general tests in Merreo can be used to assess a candidate’s base qualities and can yield valuable information for you. That is why most big tech companies, like Amazon, and Google still conducts general tests.

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A collection of tests is called an assessment. The test is anything - questions, essays, projects - that is used to assess a candidate. Merreo enables you to conduct Multi-Measure assessments very quickly at an affordable price.

Merreo has a wide assortment of cognitive, personality, and language tests. There are several skill tests in the pipeline too. To see the list of tests in Merreo, Click here.

Merreo Test can be either human proctored or Fully Secured - unproctored. The Fully secured - Unproctored tests are monitored by random snapshots that can be verified by recruiters, an auto-forfeit function that removes a candidate who leaves the test window more than a few seconds, Full-Screen mode, and copy-paste disable functions. All these functions, working in unison can ensure that candidates cannot cheat in a Merreo Test.

Merreo credit is the token by which the tests are paid for. You can purchase the credits as per your requirement. One credit gets consumed every time a candidate takes a fully secured test and 4 credits gets consumed for a proctored test.

Credits purchased from Merreo are fully refundable, bar the 10 credits that are deposited for free.

Merreo goes with a pay as you go plan. We don't force subscription onto companies. If you are purchasing in bigger quantities, you can contact us at hello@merreo.com for a special pricing.

Custom section, in Merreo, can be used to test candidates with the questions of your liking. For example, if you are hiring a backend developer, you can give him/her a coding challenge or if you are hiring a Mechanical Engineer, you can give him/her a CAD design challenge. Or you can even ask candidates to write essays, solve problems, etc.

Merreo provides DEMO option to all the tests. Contact us at hello@merreo.com to get a demo of the product.

Merreo has a quick share feature. Merreo generates an expiring link for candidates and they can be copied and shared to the candidates by email or other methods.
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