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Bundle Purchase

Purchase credits in bundles of 100, 200, or 300 credits at a reduced price

Unit Purchase

For purchases less than 100 credits. Best for small companies with rare hirings.


Total : Free

Pay only for the value you get out it

No credits will be detected for candidates who have not attempted the entire timed part of the assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Merreo does not have any subscription fees. We work with a pay-as-you-go type plan. If you are conducting a recruitment drive with 100 candidates, you can purchase 100 credits from us, and one credit will get deducted every time a candidate completes the test.

The price of credits comes in three slabs. 100₹ per credit when purchasing 0 to 99 credits. 60₹ per credit when purchasing credit bundles 100, 200, or 300. Then there is the bulk custom pricing for requirements larger than 300 credits. Get in touch with us at hello@merreo.com to know more about bulk custom pricing.

Merreo credit is the token by which the tests are paid for. You can purchase the credits as per your requirement. One credit gets consumed every time a candidate takes a fully secured test and 4 credits get consumed for a proctored test.

There are no limitations on the access to features or tests when using the free credits. Having the free credits gives you full access to the product.

The free credits can do everything a paid credit does.

Credits purchased from Merreo are fully refundable, bar the 10 credits that are deposited for free.

Credits must be paid for and purchased before you conduct recruitment drives. However, if you are new to Merreo, you will have ten free credits in your account to play with. So you can even assess a few candidates before committing to paying.

You only pay for the value you get out of it. This means you don’t have to pay for Test invites, incomplete tests, and suspected malpractice cancellations. Credits will be deducted only when a candidate completes the test (excluding the custom question/tests part).

Yes. If you are purchasing over 1000 credits or if you are guaranteeing recurring purchases, we will certainly consider providing them at a discounted price. Please contact us at hello@merreo.com to know more.

Features Breakdown

Fully - Secured Test

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Secured Test & Live Proctoring


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library Test library 

Fully - Secured Test Secured Test & Live Proctoring
Cognitive ability testing Yes Yes
Language tests (English) Yes Yes
Personality tests Yes Yes
Skill tests Coming Soon Coming Soon
Tests per assessment  5 8
Custom questions 5 8

customize Custom questions

MCQ type questions Yes Yes
Essay type questions Yes Yes
File upload type questions for assignments 5mb (larger sizes available on request) 10mb
Upload resume Yes Yes

happiness Candidate experience

Secure invitation links Yes Yes
White-label Company branding Yes Yes
No login required Yes Yes
Short test durations Yes Yes

report Test Reports and Candidate Management

Individual percentiles and competitive benchmarking Yes Yes
Download test data as Excel or CSV files Coming Soon Coming Soon
Extensive filters and sorting functions Yes Yes
Ratings, Reviews, and personal notes Yes Yes

medal Test quality control

Scientifically validated tests Yes Yes
Rigorous Quality control Yes Yes

security Test security measures

Webcam snapshots of the candidate Yes Yes
Full screen mode detection Yes Yes
Randomized questions per test Yes Yes
Copy paste disabled Yes Yes
Live proctoring No Yes
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