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What is Merreo?

Drowning in CVs? Wasting a lot of time interviewing inadequate candidates? Want to avoid costly mishires? Or skeptical whether unconscious biases are creeping into your screenin

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How Merreo works?

By now you probably know that Merreo is a pre-hiring talent assessment platform where you can create and deploy Role-specific & Multi Measure assessments; you can create dif

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Should Hiring be subjective or objective? A scientific perspective

iring is a complex and potentially expensive process, and it has to be done right every single time. Mistakes are very very costly. So the amount of research on the decision-mak

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Why does CV screening not work?

I concede that I may be biased, but all signs are pointing out that CV screening doesn't work.CV screening has traditionally been the way of shortlisting candidates for seve

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Why do you need pre-employment assessments?

I want to make a few things clear straight away. One, I concede that no test result will be 100% predictive of job success. Two, there are a few shortcomings with pre-hiring ass

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The Hidden costs of hiring

Hiring the right person for the job has always been a difficult task. This is because the decisions are made regarding people, rather than things where a simple cost-benefit ana

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How to choose the best tests for your hiring?

Merreo has a large pre-employment test library. Sometimes it gets confusing which tests are the best

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Creating a bespoke experience for your candidates

Once you can create precise assessments for your specific job description, you need to think about ways with which you can personalize the pre-hiring process reflective of our c

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How does Merreo Pricing Model work?

Before going into the HOW, let us break down the WHY - as it will always be more important.

We started Merreo with the vision of democratizing advanced and objective h

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Interpreting Merreo test results

One of our unique selling points is our fully-algorithmic Adaptive assessment system – the candidate starts the assessment with medium-level difficulty qu

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