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Recommended tests for
"Writing" Roles

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking tests assess the candidates' ability of structured thinking: to understand a premise from different perspectives, separating facts from assumptions, analyzing an argument, and reaching conclusions.

Cognitive Ability Adaptive
20 Min
MS Excel

The Microsoft Excel test evaluates a candidate’s ability to read and interpret Excel spreadsheets, implement basic formulae, and manipulate tables. The test helps you identify candidates who have experience using Excel in projects.

Tool expertise
8 Min
DISC Assessment

This test measures a candidate's personality in 4 behavioral traits; Dominance, Inducement, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. This test is specially developed back in the 1920s for industrial hiring purposes.

10 Min
Content Mktg.

The Content Marketing test evaluates a candidate’s conceptual and creative skills for creating engaging content, building content strategies, tracking results using metrics, and delivering measurable results.

Hard Skill
8 Min
Abstract Reasoning

This test measures the candidates' ability to infer relationships between a collection of shapes and patterns. This is one of the popular tests for measuring raw fluid intelligence and lateral thinking ability.

Cognitive Ability Adaptive
15 Min
MS Word

The Microsoft Word test evaluates candidates' skills and knowledge for effectively creating documents using the Word application. The test helps you identify candidates who have experience using Word in projects.

Tool expertise
8 Min
English II

This test assesses the candidates' basic understanding of the English language: grammatical units, vocabulary, and ability to understand English text from multiple perspectives in holistic ways.

Language Adaptive
15 Min
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