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Recommended tests for
"Civil Eng. & Architecture" Roles

OCEAN (big 5) test

Big 5 OCEAN Traits are a suggested grouping of personality traits into 5 broad categories. This idea is being studied since the 80s and has been tested empirically. O - Openness to experience, C - Conscientiousness, E - Extraversion,  A - Agreeableness, and N - Neuroticism

10 Min
Critical Thinking

Critical thinking tests assess the candidates' ability of structured thinking: to understand a premise from different perspectives, separating facts from assumptions, analyzing an argument, and reaching conclusions.

Cognitive Ability Adaptive
20 Min
Interpreting Data

The Interpreting Data section assesses the candidate’s ability to understand graphically/tabular represented data, perform rudimentary statistical calculations, solve problems and make reasoned inferences.

Cognitive Ability Adaptive
15 Min
Math thinking

Mathematical thinking assesses the candidate's ability to understand, interpret and analyze quantitative information, solve problems using mathematical methods, and apply fundamental concepts.

Cognitive Ability Adaptive
20 Min
Spatial Visualization

Spatial visualization assesses the candidates' ability to think visually, spatially, and graphically in 3 Dimensions. This test is particularly relevant to STEM roles that demand visual thinking.

Cognitive Ability Adaptive
12 Min
Abstract Reasoning

This test measures the candidates' ability to infer relationships between a collection of shapes and patterns. This is one of the popular tests for measuring raw fluid intelligence and lateral thinking ability.

Cognitive Ability Adaptive
15 Min
English II

This test assesses the candidates' basic understanding of the English language: grammatical units, vocabulary, and ability to understand English text from multiple perspectives in holistic ways.

Language Adaptive
15 Min

The Solidworks test evaluates candidates' understanding of the tool's features and concepts for effectively creating CAD files, Assemblies, and design drawings. The test helps you identify candidates who have experience using Solidworks.

Tool expertise
8 Min
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