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Why aptitude tests are essential for screening candidates for job openings?


Using aptitude tests in the hiring process is a way of evaluating job candidates before inviting them for an interview. These tests aim to determine a candidate's cognitive capacities like verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning, and reading comprehension abilities, making the recruitment process more streamlined. To ensure accuracy and reliability, choosing a testing platform that offers diverse skills assessments is essential. In this article, we will explore the advantages of aptitude tests, why they are a vital tool for the recruitment process, and what they can reveal about new employees.

What are aptitude tests? And what is their purpose in recruitment?

An aptitude test is a tool utilized for evaluating job candidates. While commonly known for their use in education, these tests can also play a crucial role in the hiring process by determining a candidate's skills and appropriateness for a particular position. The objective of an aptitude test is to gather information about a candidate's abilities through carefully crafted questions, which are designed by experts.

What are the common types of aptitude tests?

Some common examples of aptitude tests used in recruitment include:

Analytical & Numeric aptitude tests - these tests assess a candidate's numerical skills and their understanding of mathematical concepts such as fractions, percentages, and number patterns, as well as their ability to analyze graphs and tables.

Critical-thinking aptitude tests - these tests evaluate a candidate's deductive reasoning skills, understanding of cause-and-effect relationships, and ability to identify assumptions.

Personality assessments - these tests, such as the 16-type and Enneagram tests, provide insights into a candidate's worldview and behavior.

Spatial visualization and abstract tests - these tests assess a candidate's ability to interpret visual cues and understand graphic material.

Problem-solving tests - these tests evaluate a candidate's ability to analyze and solve complex problems in the workplace.

Verbal tests - this test measures a candidate's attention to detail when reading and interpreting the text.

Why are aptitude tests essential for recruitment candidates?

Aptitude assessments are crucial in the hiring process for various reasons. Here will discuss the four primary benefits of using aptitude assessments for recruiting candidates.

Aptitude tests are Scientific evidence-Based and Expert-Developed

Aptitude assessments are backed by scientific research that shows that reliable assessments are valid predictors of job performance. You can determine how well a candidate will perform in a specific role with aptitude assessments. Furthermore, they are designed by subject-matter experts who are leaders in their respective fields, ensuring that you can assess applicants even if you lack the specific skills to do so accurately.

Time-Saving Solution

Integrating aptitude assessments into the hiring process can save significant time and streamline recruitment. On average, companies receive around 250 applications for a single open role, which can be time-consuming to review thoroughly. Aptitude assessments are an effective alternative to resume screening, as you can give all applicants the same assessment instantly rather than manually reviewing their resumes.

Determining culture fit

With a reliable skills-testing platform, it becomes easy to determine if a candidate’s values align with your organization's culture. Merreo provides personality tests that give you insights into a candidate's values.

Better Hiring Decisions

Aptitude assessments provide data on candidates' performance, which can be used to make informed hiring decisions and to confer with other HR professionals on your hiring team. Additionally, you can compare applicants' assessment results with their work samples or interview responses to validate their abilities.

In conclusion, aptitude assessments provide a scientifically validated, time-saving, culture-fit, and data-driven solution to help make better hiring decisions.

How to integrate aptitude assessments into your hiring process?

The most effective way to use aptitude assessments in your hiring process is to administer them during the candidate sourcing stage.

One option is to utilize a platform such as Merreo to distribute the assessment to all applicants through a link, your applicant tracking system, or email. Once the candidates have completed the assessment, you can review the results to determine which individuals should be invited for an interview.

Why should you emphasize the Importance of Aptitude Tests for Recruitment Success?

Incorporating aptitude assessments into your hiring process provides numerous benefits for your recruitment team and job applicants. By using aptitude tests, you can:

  • Reduce the potential for unconscious bias in the hiring process
  • Streamline the candidate sourcing stage, saving you time and money
  • Facilitate the comparison and selection of the best candidates

Take advantage of the data-driven benefits of aptitude assessments by utilizing tools like Merreo's pre-hiring assessments, which include popular tests such as abstract tests, visualization tests, analytical tests, and more.

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