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How to use Merreo results?

Pre-employment assessment is a great tool to make your hiring process objective

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Why do Multi-measure assessments work?

Since you are already creating top-class assessments with Merreo, let's discuss why Multi-Measure Assessments work.

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Creating a custom test in Merreo

One of the unique advantages of Merreo is that our platform is very flexible; it is not just that you can create customized assessme

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Types of tests inside Merreo

Merreo has over 45 expert-developed pre-hiring tests like the Critical Thinking test, Spatial Visualization test, Math thinking test, MATLAB test, C Programming test, HTML test,

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Cognitive Biases in Hiring

Hiring biases or interviewer bias is an unconscious cognitive bias that clouds a recruiter’s judgment to evaluate candidates objectively. These are not usually because of

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Strategies to eliminate unconscious biases in hiring

In the previous article, we discussed the different unconscious biases you must be aware of as a recruiter. Now let’s dive into the real deal; how can we eliminate biases

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What are Cognitive Ability tests

Cognitive ability tests have been among the most potent weapons in a recruiter's arsenal. And they have been so for the last 30-40 years.

Why? Because they are pro

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Why should you use Cognitive Ability assessments for hiring?

If you are not convinced by the last article, where we wrote about what are cognitive assessments, here ar

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Types of cognitive assessments - (Part-3 Cognitive pre-hiring tests)

If cognitive pre-hiring assessments measure the cognitive skills of the candidates, which loosely comes under the innate skills tab, why do we need different types of cognitive

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Do's & Don'ts with cognitive assessments

Cognitive Assessments are powerful tools for selecting candidates. But like most powerful tools, the onus is on you to use them responsibly. Irresponsibly used data is worse tha

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