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What is Merreo?

Drowning in CVs? Wasting a lot of time interviewing inadequate candidates? Want to avoid costly mishires? Or skeptical whether unconscious biases are creeping into your screening process.

Then Merreo is built for your firm Merreo is a pre-hiring talent assessment product, where a recruiter can create different assessments for the different roles that she will be hiring for. And for each assessment, she can add up to 5 tests from our skill test library– hence the term “multi-measure assessments.” The product is designed with the needs of start-ups, MSMEs, & HR Agencies in mind: Merreo is arguably the only modern, product & design-driven talent assessment solution based in India designed to cater to startups and growing firms.

Merreo has over 45 expert-developed pre-hiring tests that include cognitive tests, hard skill tests, language tests, coding language tests, and personality tests. Our test repertoire includes Critical Thinking, Spatial Visualization, Math thinking, MATLAB, C Programming, HTML, PHP, Solidworks, FIGMA, Finance, Marketing, & much more.

Our testing methodologies are firmly rooted in science with each test designed to assess a single targeted aspect of a candidate’s skill or ability, under constant algorithmic scrutiny to maintain peak predictive powers. Another unique feature is that a lot of merreo tests are ADAPTIVE - The candidate gets a medium-level question at the start, and based on his performance, the test gets more difficult or easier - and SHORT (8-20 min).

Merreo also does not have a subscription plan – which is currently the norm for the industry, but also a big turn-off for our customers. So, we work with a Pay as you Go model. Companies/HR Agencies can purchase assessment credits for as low as 60 Rs/credit, with a credit getting deducted only if a candidate attempts all the sections in the assessment.

Despite our lower cost, merreo is loaded with all the features you need for awesome implementation of pre-hiring systems.

Merreo Screening tools

  • Cut-off functions for quick screening
  • Single point access for all key candidate information like the Candidate resume and key details in the report
  • Review and rating functions
  • Relative benchmarking
  • Managing candidates by assigning candidates to various status tabs (Shortlisted, Under-review, Not interested, & incomplete)

Anti-cheating features

  • Random Camera Snapshots (300 snapshots per assessment)
  • Device restriction (Only Laptops and PCs)
  • Mouse Pointer tracking (if it leaves test window >45 seconds, the test gets canceled)
  • Secure testing window
  • IP tracking
  • Session tracking

& much more…

Ultimately, with Merreo, you will predict job success, reduce unconscious bias and avoid costly mishires, all the while hiring faster than ever. Merreo is also supported by the IIM-Bangalore startup program & Startup India.

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