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How to choose the best tests for your hiring?

Merreo has a large pre-employment test library. Sometimes it gets confusing which tests are the best fit for the role you are hiring for, especially since a lot of them look vaguely similar and you have a limitation of choosing just 5 tests. Trust me, I understand.

But it is imperative that you choose the correct tests that best fit your job role and even a single irrelevant test can skew your results.

To aid you with that, we have created pre-set assessments that work for most cases. But if you wish to make changes, it would be wise to follow the below advice.

Choosing the right tests for your role is about asking yourself the right questions. Most of your doubts can be clarified by asking the below three simple questions.

  1. Whether the role demands a “High Qualification” or not?
  2. What type of candidate does the role demand? Visually minded, analytically minded, spatially minded, verbally minded, etc.
  3. Whether the role demands high pre-requisite hard skills or demands high learning capacity?

For the First question, if yes, you can choose high-level tests like the Critical Thinking test or the Interpreting Data tests. If not, it will be better if you stick to culture fair tests spatial visualization, and Abstract reasoning. Inside each test description, you will find a part that talks about the test level. We have categorized the tests into three levels – High level, Medium level, and low level.

Please note that the “Test levels” are not a measure of the test’s difficulty, as the tests are adaptive. They are about the pre-requisite skill and education level for the test.

The second question can be answered simply by thinking about the role. For example, an architecture role demands high levels of spatial and visual intelligence and whereas a business analyst role demands high levels of quantitative and critical thinking skills.

Inside the test description, we have a section that talks about “where to use this test”. There we explain a lot about where it is appropriate to use this test and where it is not.

The third question is pretty straightforward. Some roles demand command of certain technologies and high levels of pre-requisite skills, and some roles are about how adaptive, curious, and capable the candidate is. For the former, you can load your assessment with hard skills, tool expertise, and programing language tests. And for the latter case, you can load the assessment with more cognitive tests.

Here are some best practices on how to best make merreo work for you.

Best practices for choosing tests

Stick to our preset assessments - We have developed our presets based on what our test creators believe are the best use cases for the respective tests. This is especially true for cognitive tests.

Swap the skill tests based on your needs - Skill tests in our presets are highly interchangeable. For example, you are hiring a business analyst and you want the candidate to be proficient in Python. You can swap the default R-programming test in the preset with Python easily.

Read the "What does the test measure" section - Each test on our platform has a comprehensive page with full descriptions and example questions on our help desk. If you are customizing the test, you must read at least the "What does the test measure" of each test under consideration.

Keep the Assessment short... - The longer it will take the candidate to complete the assessment the higher the drop-off rate will be. Even at times, the candidate will complete the assessment but they will mentally drop off. There is a significant bump in drop-offs after 50min. So try your best to keep it under that time.

Keep the assessment diverse – While creating assessments, ensure that you add tests that are varied and don't inter-correlate with each other. It is ideal when each test a unique aspect of a candidate's skill set and abilities.

Following the above recommendations will make you a pro-user faster. But either way, as you use the product and recruit candidates, you will understand which tests are which, and which are best suited for you.

Merreo pre-hiring tests has an ever-expanding library of over 45+ pre-employment tests that range from cognitive skills to marketing skills, to programming skills, and more. If you have a role that you are hiring for, we will probably have a test for it. Trust us CVs are not working. Merreo works. Merreo is affordable. And Merreo is effortlessly easy to use.

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