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Creating a bespoke experience for your candidates

Once you can create precise assessments for your specific job description, you need to think about ways with which you can personalize the pre-hiring process reflective of our company.

Prospective employees often see the work culture of the company as one of the most important factors when joining a firm, even more than the remuneration. So it is important to try and create a special and bespoke experience for your candidates.

Additionally, a bespoke experience builds your reputation, you get strong word of mouth and even tangible results in retention. But how do you do that, and how can you do that inside Merreo?

Creating a bespoke recruitment experience goes beyond the branded emails, branded kit bags, and other standard stuff. It has to feel truly special and personal in every phase of the recruitment process - similar to how people speak about Google’s or McKinley’s recruitment process. It takes time and effort, but it is worth it. 

Now lets’ understand how you can do that with Merreo.

Firstly, just by having a sophisticated multi-measure assessment with the correct selection of tests in the screening process creates, you are way ahead. Our internal research tells us that it imprints such an impression on the candidate that they would crave to work on your company by the time they complete the assessment.

Secondly, you can create your own custom timed test section inside Merreo. But more on that in a later article.

Lastly, but most importantly, use the custom/auxiliary section to the fullest. You do that by getting personal with your candidates, but you can use it for different standard purposes - you can have candidates upload their portfolios, documents, assignments, essays, etc.

The Auxiliary question is the single most flexible slot in the entire Merreo system. But comes with its provisos; when used correctly, it can create a truly unique and memorable experience for your candidates, but when implemented incorrectly, all you will get are lazy responses and frustrations. So you need to spend the time to create thoughtful custom questions. 

Even though we have a huge database of pre-set questions that will be relevant to your role, I highly recommend you use those questions as just an inspiration to create unique and personal auxiliary questions.

You have three standard models of questions you can create: Multiple choice, written response, and File-upload. Each of the following is very flexible and allows you to create a wide range of question types.

Multiple choice: a question with limited answer choices - best for asking for survey-like information.

Essay-type: An open-ended question that expects a written text answer. You can even set a word limit on that.

File upload: The candidate must upload a file that answers the question -the maximum file size is 5Mb, and you can even set restrictions on file types (i.e.) Word files, MATLAB files, Python files, etc. 

Whichever question type you choose, the critical idea is to get creative with creating your custom questions; for example, if you are hiring for a digital marketing role, ask the candidate to perform a preliminary marketing audit on the company website; or if you are hiring for a Product Manager, ask the candidate to try the product and design the right preliminary metrics to manage the product.

The possibilities are endless with Auxiliary questions, but as mentioned earlier, when used correctly, they can create a truly unique and memorable experience for you candidates; when implemented incorrectly, all you will get results will be lazy responses and frustration.

In addition to all these, we got all the basic stuff covered: your Logo goes on the top left, you can create an intro page to every assessment describing your company and the role, and much more.  

Our job doesn’t end with helping you create world-class pre-hire assessments. We want to help you build an entire pre-hiring system that best reflects your company’s image, values, and culture. 

Merreo pre-hiring tests has the complete arsenal of tools that enable you to achieve that - our ever-expanding library of over 45+ pre-employment tests that range from cognitive skills to marketing skills, to programming skills, and more, the custom/auxiliary questions, white label product, and much more. Trust us, CVs are not working; Merreo works; Merreo is affordable, and Merreo is effortlessly easy to use.

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