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Types of tests inside Merreo

Merreo has over 45 expert-developed pre-hiring tests like the Critical Thinking test, Spatial Visualization test, Math thinking test, MATLAB test, C Programming test, HTML test, PHP test, Solidworks test, FIGMA test, Finance test, Marketing tets, & much more. These tests are divided into six broad categories.

  • Cognitive tests
  • Personality tests
  • Language tests
  • Hard skill tests
  • Tool expertise tests
  • Programming language tests

 In this article, we will look into each of these broad categories to understand how to best use these tests.

Cognitive tests

Cognitive tests are a collection of role-agnostic tests that focus on measuring the general skills and abilities of the candidates rather than the specific job skills. For example, the spatial visualization test does not assess any specific job skill, rather it measures the base-level visualization capacity of the candidate that usually dictates his potential in roles like engineering or design.

Cognitive tests are the most powerful tests in Merreo – they are the most predictive of job success and have high levels of validity and repeatability. Cognitive tests also have a wide range of applicability. These factors make the cognitive tests the most popular section in Merreo.

We usually advise our users to have at least 2 -3 Cognitive tests per assessment.

Personality tests

Personality testing is a method of evaluating a person’s personality constructs using introspective self-report questionnaires. There are several types of personality tests developed over centuries. In Merreo, we chose to add the 4 tests that are the best researched – namely, the 16 personality test, DISC assessment, OCEAN Big5 Assessment, and Enneagram.

Unlike the cognitive tests, which we urge our customers to use extensively, we actively dissuade the use of personality tests without thorough consideration. The best (and probably only place) to use the personality results is by tailoring the interview for a particular candidate. An additional place you can use these test results to improve cultural and temperamental diversity.

However, the last thing you do must be to shortlist candidates based on personality test results. Personality tests will never predict job success or even the skills necessary for a job role. Research on the usage of personality tests for selecting candidates is shoddy at best.

Language tests

The Language tests measure the reading, grammar, and vocabulary proficiency of the candidates in their respective languages. For now, the only test of this type is the English Intermediate level test. But soon, we will be launching regional language tests. These tests are highly relevant for roles where success is contingent on language skills – Eg. Copywriting, creative writing, communications, sales & management roles.

Hard Skill tests

Now we are entering the tests that measure specific and direct job skills. These tests usually consist of 15 - 20 MCQs that test the candidate’s knowledge of rudimentary things about the job role. These tests are not designed to measure one's potential for that job role. Instead, they measure whether the candidate has prior experience in that field.

This is why we want our customers to use 2 – 3 cognitive tests per assessment. The Hard skill test measures one's prior experience in that field, and the cognitive tests collectively measure the long-term potential of that candidate.

Tool Expertise tests

Tool expertise tests differ from hard skills tests as the former limits itself to only assessing a candidate's familiarity with technology tools. For example, the MS Excel test assesses the candidate’s experience with the MS Excel software. These tests are also among the most popular tests in Merreo since most roles demand a minimum level of familiarity with certain tools.

Programming language tests

Merreo is a sector-agnostic pre-hiring assessment platform. However our primary expertise is in developing tests for non-tech high-level roles, we also have several tests that measure a candidate's programming language knowledge level. The programming knowledge tests in Merreo usually have 15 -20 MCQ questions measuring various aspects of the programming language like the syntax, debugging, functions, and much more.

I haven’t even barely scratched the surface of how to make the best use of the Merreo test library with this article, however, we will look in detail at each of these test types in separate blogs. Merreo has an ever-expanding library of over 45+ pre-employment tests that range from cognitive skills to marketing skills, to programming skills, and more. Sign up for free, avail 10 free credits, and start reinventing your hiring process. 

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