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How does Merreo Pricing Model work?

Before going into the HOW, let us break down the WHY - as it will always be more important.

We started Merreo with the vision of democratizing advanced and objective hiring processes like multi-measure assessments. As such, we need to design the product accessible for all companies rather than just the big & established firms.

From our Market research, we concluded that the biggest barrier for growing startups in adopting pre-hiring assessments is the astronomical subscription charges that the big players charge their customers. The Price tag delays a company from adopting pre-hiring assessments until they raise enough funds or grow huge. But until then, they have to make do with crude, archaic, and even misleading methodologies.

Merreo’s pricing hopes to introduce companies to pre-employment assessments before they have the financial resources that traditional solutions demand. We also wanted to ensure that you pay just for the value you get out of our product.

That’s why decided against a subscription-based model. 

Merreo utilizes a PAY AS YOU GO structure, and you have no subscription fees. You purchase credits to recharge your Merreo account, and when one candidate completes an assessment, one credit gets deducted.

You also won’t be paying for incomplete candidates - you pay only for the VALUE you gain from our product. Additionally, please note that you won’t be paying for unit tests - you just pay for completed & valid candidates. 

Pricing details

1 credit --> One valid candidate who attempted all the sections in the assessment

For example, if the assessment has 4 sections and the candidate completes 3 sections and quits after that, it will not cost you one credit. Only when a candidate completes all 4 sections of an assessment, a credit will be deducted.

The first 10 credits are free. They are already inside your account.
Unit Purchase (up to 99 credits) – 100 Rs per credit

Bundle Purchase – 60 Rs per credit

100 credits – 6000 Rs

200 credits – 12000 Rs                  View price details 

300 credits – 18000 Rs

Bulk Purchase (>500 credits) – Negotiable. Contact us to know more.

So, not only is Merreo more affordable than most products in the market, it is arguably among the most complete. So irrespective of your company’s current size, Merreo can provide you with a strong value proposition that is unparalleled in the market. We currently have a collection of 45+ expert-developed pre-hiring tests, and it is continuously growing. Sign up for free, avail ten free credits, and start reinventing your hiring process.  

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