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How is Merreo different?

Merreo tests are focused on assessing targeted & role specific latent skills of the candidates rather than assessing the direct hard/soft skills. This is based on a research

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Will the test results be shown to candidates?

No, the test results will not be displayed to the candidates.

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What systems does Merreo have in place for cheating prevention?

  • We disable copy-paste functions during an assessment. This minimizes the risk of test questions being shared online.
  • Merreo questio
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Can the Candidates take the Assessment on Mobile devices?

No, Merreo assessments are not compatible with mobile devices. Merreo is designed in such a way to prevent malpractice attempts by the candidates.

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How are the test results conveyed to me?

Test results are reflected live on your dashboard. You will also get occasional notifications on your email regarding the candidates who have taken the tests.

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What is the “Percentile score”?

The Percentile score is actually the rank that the candidate holds among all the Merreo test takers for that particular test.

Let’s say there are 10,000 candidat

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What is “TruScore”?

TruScore measures a candidate's performance on a given test on an absolute scale between 0 and 100. 0 is the minimum level of performance that can be reasonably measured in

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How are the results displayed?

Each cognitive test result will have two-component scores. One is the percentile scores, which give you nothing but the relative performance of the candidate to all the other te

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Can you provide a customized quote for conducting an assessment?

Yes, we can provide you with official quotations for a particular recruitment drive. Please contact us at hello@merreo.com. 

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How do I invite candidates?

You can invite your candidates by sharing a public link with your candidates. You will have control to stop the assessment whenever you want.

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