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Google Ads test evaluates a candidate’s skill and knowledge in creating and running effective Search & Display Ad campaigns, optimizing, and obtaining results. The test helps you identify candidates who have experience using Google Ads.

The results of this test is given bands of score ranges. The precise TruScore or Percentile won’t be displayed because the Merreo skill tests must be viewed as qualification tests rather than competitive tests.

Test category

  • Tool Expertise

What does this test measure?

  • Understanding of how Google ads work
  • Experience setting up campaigns
  • Understanding of Ad metrics and Ad Auction
  • Understanding of the Best Practices

Where to use this test?

The ultimate goal for this test is to assess the experience with Google ads. So relevant for all roles where Google marketing is involved.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Ad Campaign Manager
  • Head of Sales
  • Customer Acquisition team

For best results, use this test along with basic cognitive tests like the abstract reasoning test. Please use our data-driven pre-sets for the best results.

Test content

  • Working on Google ads
  • Types of Ads and Extensions
  • Ad Auction and bidding strategies
  • Ad Metrics
  • Quality Score
  • Ad Targeting and Remarketing
  • Best practices

Question types

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Multiple Answer Questions
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